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Salt Off a Bird's Tail

A tiny, holy book makes its way through the hands of three generations of Jewish women. Angry children fight a brutal war. A mocking bird calls. This is a story about how to make soup. Full Length, Cast: 7

Dimitri and the Witch present How to Live Forever

A big Fuck You to the nature of time. An exploration of obsession, self-love, self-hate, and self-discovery. And clay. Lots and lots of clay. Oh. And baths. And Potions. And circles. And circles. And circles. In the end, it’s all just a little game, isn’t it? Full Length, Cast: 3

Holy One

An inventive adaptation of Isaac Bashevis Singer's Yentl the Yeshiva Boy. A queer coming-of-age story. A love letter to the Jewish people. What happens when a tree is split in two but keeps on growing? Full Length, Cast: 6


Attempted assassination! Spontaneous combustion! Godly seduction! Emma dances in the fires of Hell, doused with Sburnoff vodka on the daily. Sasha sits in Prison, tasked with bottling that same Sburnoff vodka. Will these two tortured lovers ever find a way back to each other? Full Length, Cast: 8

Justice Rabbi Ben Shapiro

An alternate history Christmas jukebox musical in which a hopelessly obsessed narrator struggles to tell the story of Ben Shapiro's recent rise to power. Full Length, Cast: As many as possible


Cyclops In Love

Cyclops wants to be a Bisexual Icon, but they are paralyzed by an incessant fear of eating people. Occupying the space between poem and play, this is a piece about falling in love, locking yourself in your room, making a mess, and finding a way to live with the voices inside your head. Full Length, Cast: As many as possible



Part family drama, part absolute explosion of people power. Set during the Kosher Meat Riots of 1902. Jewish housewives get it done. Full Length, Cast: As Many As Possible

Life of Shmuel

A man tries to praise G-d and ends up getting himself into a sword fight. Short, Cast: 5 

Story Time with Uncle Mort

Uncle Mort just wants to drink his @#!$% juice in peace, but Sally and Lil Billy have other ideas... Short, Cast: 3 puppets

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